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*****************Please Forward Widely***************

Summer 2009� �Europe and Washington DC

Be a climate action fellow this summer!� You will live and work with 20+ other fellows, do creative actions every week, learn about international climate policy, and learn new activist skills�..

This December, nations around the world will come together in Copenhagen to try to agree on another international climate treaty (this is the next one after Kyoto). Not surprisingly, the negotiations are moving too slowly and with too little ambition to prevent climate catastrophe or get a fair and just deal for all peoples and nations. Meanwhile the US is debating or own climate bill, and it is not nearly strong enough! However dozens of young people are looking for support to channel their time and ideas over the coming months into effective advocacy for the climate. This summer is the perfect time for an emergency infusion of on the ground daily action to raise visibility and speak directly to decision makers.

Avaaz will create action factories in strategic locations � in Europe (Bonn, then either Berlin or Strasbourg - not yet confirmed) and in the United States (Washington DC) � to gather and deploy youth climate activists. Each location will house ~20 'Youth Climate Fellows' working as a team. �They will be supported with food, lodging, and (subject to budget approval) modest monthly stipends, as well as resources for climate activism. In exchange, they will commit to devoting their summer months to mobilizing stunts, media events, lobbying campaigns, and other actions. The work of these activists will maximize the possibility of achieving a strong and just global climate treaty at Copenhagen, and will raise the expectations and demands of the global public that governments must achieve such a treaty.

To be part of this project, fill out the application/registration form and return to ASAP.� Fellows will be accepted on a rolling basis so apply now.� European Action Factory will begin June 18th.� Washington DC Action Factory will begin at the end of May or first week of June.� Please also read over the Fellowship agreement .

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions...

Read on for more details!

To support the Action Factories, Avaaz will:

* provide funding for overall costs of program
* provide, as appropriate, "micro grants" for specific projects (E.g., $200 to get a professional banner printed; $1000 to hire an high-power outdoor projector to project images onto the US Capitol Building at a heads-of-state event; $4000 to hire a semi-trailer to dump a pile of coal on Sarkozy's front lawn. (This is hypothetical, people!) )
* advise Fellows on strategy and tactics, and request help with particular actions and projects. However, Avaaz will not play an intensive direct managerial role. Much of what the youth do will not be branded as Avaaz actions, and Fellows will not be considered "employees" of Avaaz to be given assignments.

For a given proposal, Avaaz will either:

* green light the action to go forward;
* red-light (send it back for revisions or cancelation); or
* "adopt" it as an Avaaz-branded action, which could then be supported by Avaaz members via online campaigns, could use Avaaz press releases and branding, and so on.


There will be a facilitator to manage each action factory. The European facilitator will be Anna Keenan (of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition). The Washington DC facilitator will be Madeline Gardner (formerly of Energy Action Coalition).

Facilitators will manage the logistical/day-to-day running of the Action Factory and create systems for Fellows to rotate these responsibilities. Facilitators will provide training and facilitation of strategy sessions as needed. They will be ultimately responsible to Avaaz for political/strategic accountability, budget management, maintaining clear lines of communication, regular reporting/monitoring. Facilitators will also act as part of the community of Fellows undertaking actions.


Each location will house ~20 Fellows, depending on capacity. Fellows � will strive to avert catastrophic climate change through advocacy and actions specifically targeted at those nations where change is most needed in order to secure a strong, binding climate treaty this December.

The Fellows will:

* develop and implement strategic and effective public stunts, actions, and lobbying campaigns.
* commit at least 3 full days of political activism per week and will lodge at the Action Factory.
* focus on action and results, trying a variety of tactics in a results-focused, high-energy, politically-nimble environment
* help upkeep and run the house/warehouse
* receive action and advocacy training and will learn through direct experience and reflection

Possible Actions and Projects

Actions and projects may include (and are not limited to):

* 'Adopt-a-politician' campaigns
* "Influencing the influencers" (advocacy directed at media, advisers, etc)
* Banner drops
* Rallies and manifestations
* Street theatre
* Flash mobs
* Embassy campaigns and actions
* Email/letter campaigns
* Lobbying meetings
* Action camps and 'camp ins'
* Newspaper, radio, and online advertisements

Other notes

* The Action Factory program is focused on political advocacy to influence governments in the global climate negotiations through direct pressure and communications. While Fellows are free to use their free time for other climate projects -- such as building longer-term youth climate movement infrastructure, or general awareness-raising -- these activities are not the focus of the Fellowship. This program is being created in response to a political emergency of lack of ambition and will to confront the climate crisis by the most-emitting countries.
* Fellows from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.� Please come with an open mind and be ready to live closely with people who are different than you.� The fellowship will begin by creating norms for how we live together and group safety so that everyone feels comfortable and supported in the house.� We will be living in close quarters so be prepared to share a room!
* Fellows may also have a part time job or do anything else during their free time, as long as they give 3 full days a week to the Action Factory Actions.� All fellows will share daily living responsibilities including cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.
* Fellows are welcome and encouraged to work on Actions every day of the week!!
* Fellows who have extenuating circumstances should apply, let us know what they are and we will try to work something out. Including if you have a financial barrier to getting to the fellowship city.�

To be part of this project, fill out the application/registration form [] and return to ASAP.� Fellows will be accepted on a rolling basis.� European Action Factory will begin June 18th.� Washington DC Action Factory will begin at the end of May or first week of June.� Please also read over the Fellowship agreement []
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