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Creating A World In Which There Is No Domination


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Ecofeminism is a world-wide movement encompassing many different definitions, all of which hold that the oppression of women and the oppression of all life on earth are intricately and fundamentally connected.

Some define ecofeminism as the most radical feminism. Some define it as a movement similar to, or maybe the same as, anarchafeminism, that seeks to create a world without domination. Some focus more on the connections between feminism and environmentalism, while others focus on the connections between feminism and animal liberation. Some hold that ecofeminism is an ideology that seeks to create a world on the basis of "power with" as opposed to "power over". Some consider ecofeminism a feminist spiritual movement. For more in-depth information and general resources, see the list of links below. Please read the rules before posting.

Here's the wikipedia.org entry for ecofeminism. Modify or discuss it by clicking here.

This community is the sibling community of veg_feminism. Feel free to cross-post there.

What is ecofeminism?

For some more in-depth information and ecofeminist analysis, here are some relevant links:

Eve Online
Carol Adams
Ecofeminism Web Ring
Feminists for Animal Rights
Satya Magazine

Specific Ecofeminist Articles/Presentations:
An Ecofeminist Look at the Patriarchal Social Order
Abortion and Animal Rights: Are They Comparable Issues?
Ecofeminism e-journal
Sexism and Animal Rights
From Heroic to Holistic Ethics: The Ecofeminist Challenge
The Rape of Mother Nature: Women in the Language of Environmental Discourse
The Abuse of Animals and Domestic Violence: A National Study of Domestic Abuse Shelters

Feminist/women's resources:
Global List of Women's Organizations
Native Voice Media
Making Face, Making Soul- Chicana Feminists
Feminist Africa
Women of Color Resource Center
No Turning Back- Feminist Resource Site
Muslim Women's League
Asian Women's Resource Exchange
South Asian Women's Empowerment and Resource Alliance
Narika Hotline
The Audre Lorde Project
Revolutionary Association of Women in Afghanistan (RAWA)
Global Fund for Women
Prostitution Research
Lots of Prostitution Links and Info
Sex Workers' Project
Captive Daughters: Dedicated to Ending Sex Trafficking
Feminist theory web page

Peace and Antiwar:
Israeli and Palestinian Women for Peace
Code Pink
Women Against War
Equality in Iraq
Environmentalists Against War

Animal Rights:
Vegan Outreach
Animal Rights Environmental Directory
Animal Concerns.org
InternationalPrimate Protection League
National Anti-Vivisection Society (US)
Farm Sanctuary
Compassion Over Killing
Society and Animals: Journal for Animal-Human Studies
Black Vegetarians.org
Student Animal Rights Alliance(SARA)
Animal Defense League
Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade
International Vegetarian Union
International Listing of Veg Restaurants

Online Green Anarchy Archive
Green anarchy dot org
Environmental Education Directory
Student Environmental Action Committee
Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food and Farming
Global Ecovillage Network
World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farms Volunteer Program
Intentional Communities Directory

Alternative Menstrual Products/ Radical Menstruation Movement:
Tampaction- Against Tampons
The Diva Cup
Alternative Menstrual Products Catalogue
Blood Sisters

Consumerism and capitalism:
Overcoming consumerism
Infoshop dot org

Feminist and Socially Engaged Religion/Spirituality:
Journal for Women's Spirituality
Women and Theology
Women of Wisdom
Fellowship of Reconciliation
American Friends Service Committee
Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Peacemaker Circle International
Zen Peacemaker Family
International Association of Buddhist Women
Unitarian Universalist Association
Muslim Peace Fellowship
Religion, Spirituality, and Vegetarianism
Reform Judiasm- Justice to All People
IVU's list of vegetarianism in the world's religions

Feminist Men:
Natinal Organization for Men Against Sexism
Pro-Feminist Men Links
Men Stopping Violence

Some good LJ communities:


Community Rules-- READ BEFORE POSTING:


- Keep posts relevant and, if necessary, explain their relevance.
- Cite sources for your information if possible.
- Please remember that this is not a United States-only space.
- Posts in languages other than English are welcome and encouraged. These resources can be used for translation: Dictionary.com and Translation Experts


- No sexist, racist, classist, transphobic, homophobic, ablist, speciesist, ethnocentric, etc. comments.
- This community is pro-choice. End of story.
- This community strives to be as drama-free as possible. If you post incites drama it will be deleted.
- This isn't a community for debating about the validity of ecofeminism. People who aren't ecofeminists are one-hundred percent welcome, but come with the attitude of learning, not teaching.
- Please note that Vandana Shiva, who has been widely criticized, is not the only ecofeminist in the world. Ecofeminism is a huge field of study with incredibly diverse literature.

3.Safe Space

- If you post something that could be triggering, put it behind a cut and label it as potentially triggering.
This means no numbers AT ALL when talking about eating disorders or weight issues, no gory pictures that aren't behind a cut, no personal stories about rape, abortion, or like issues that aren't behind a cut, using words like "rape" out of context, etc. This is really important.

- This is a safe space for all oppressed groups/ non-power groups or victims of discrimination, basically. By safe space here, I mean a space in which people can be themselves freely and without fear. However, if your idea of a safe space is a space in which you are "free" to discriminate against or exlude certain other marginalized groups, or that you can say anything you wish, sorry.

- Anybody who engages in survivor-blaming will be banned.

4.Non-liberal feminisms

- This is not a liberal or reformist feminist journal. In other words, don't post about things that only effect rich white american women, don't make pop-culture posts, and don't talk about how moving up in the workplace should be everybody's feminist goal.
-Check ALL of your status privileges at the door or else expect to be called on it. This means gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, physical ability, species, and other privileges. This is not a support group for people who can't come to terms with their hitherto unquestioned privileges.

-This community was created and is moderated by cookieavalanche. Contact the moderator at thecarolynconspiracy@yahoo.com with any problems or questions. Posters/posts that the moderator believes create an unsafe, violent, or inappropriate atmosphere in the community will be banned/deleted.

-If you are banned or your post deleted: Don't feel entitled to prior notice. Don't feel entitled to whine about censorship-- this space, like all others, is organized in a certain way, around certain ideas and rules. Your being here is an agreement that you have accepted and understood these ideas and rules. So if you don't like this community, don't whine about it; go start your own.
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