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Creating A World In Which There Is No Domination [entries|friends|calendar]
Creating A World In Which There Is No Domination

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want to take over this lj community? [20 Aug 2010|12:35pm]

I originally started the communities ecofeminism and veg_feminism, and I think they have a lot of potential (they were pretty good at one point), but I haven't been around much at all. I am wondering if anyone wants to take over these communities and get them going again. Let me know. Thanks!
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Help fund viable MTR alternatives in Appalachia with 1.25 minutes of your time!‏ [10 Nov 2009|06:30pm]



i just voted three times for this awesome project which will help move Appalachia away from MTR mining and towards a sustainable, locally-owned, decentralized model [by utilizing timber industry byproducts.]

the project will entail "feedstock feasibility studies and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification to ensure sustainable forestry."

please vote today! signing up for brighterplanet.com only takes about 75 seconds. they are in second place and the prize is a $5000 grant!

other suggestions on how to win this thing:

- blog about it!
- send the link and description out to list serves
- make it a point of process at any meetings which might relate
[eco-advocates? new college climate justice squad? alliance of concerned students? everglades earth first? black manatee collective? st. pete for peace?]
- send a LTE [letter to the editor] in your local paper
- etc etc!!

xoxo and THANKS!

as follows is the full project description:

click to read more about the project!Collapse )

The current voting period ends on SUNDAY the 15th of November, so please don't put this off!
Also, you do not have to be a U.S citizen to vote.
Thanks, and please do repost... :)
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[28 May 2009|08:54am]


I'm sure ya'll have heard about Coca Cola's exploits in India before, but while looking for information on exactly where the worst took place, I just found this.  I'm kind of stunned, though I shouldn't be surprised.
In 1998, the Central Ground Water Board, a government agency, classified the groundwater in Kala Dera as overexploited - declaring that the existing demands on the groundwater were not sustainable.

Yet two years later, in the year 2000, Coca-Cola started its bottling plant in Kala Dera.

Groundwater levels dropped dramatically, and wells ran dry, farmers did not have enough water to have successful crop yields, and women now had to walk miles longer just to access potable water. Over 60 villages in the vicinity of the Coca-Cola bottling plant felt the dramatic impacts once Coca-Cola started its operations in Kala Dera.

According to government figures, the water tables in Kala Dera fell nearly 10 meters in just the first five years of Coca-Cola's operations!
coke ended up being forced to pay for an independant group to study the effects of its groundwater usage in India, with the study coke paid for itself recommending, among other things, this particular plant be shut down.

their response?

"Walking away is the easiest thing we can do. That's not going to help that community build sustainability."

fucking shits.  patronizing, evil bastards.  they've kept the plant open, and while they continue to suck the aquifer dry and cause massive crop failures, they have decided to help 15 farmers with a certain kind of irrigation.  15.  this one village has 10,000 people, more than 80% are farmers, and 60 other villages have been affected by this one plant (to say nothing about the other plants in Uttar Pradesh and Kerala.)  the sheer gall of that "sustainability" comment makes me want to scream.

enjoy your next coke!  =D  Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun, Kiss the girls and make them One. Boys at one with girls at peace; Orgy-porgy gives release!
is anybody interested in some sort of anti-corporate wiki?  a list of human rights violations and environmental destruction, by responsible party, region, and product?  I don't know how you'd keep the corporate PR vermin from editing and lying through their teeth, but if it could be worked out it would be a seriously useful tool...possibly combine it with product evaluations for vegans, and so on?  anybody interested?

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a report back from one of the folks who was in brushy fork. [US-centric] [26 May 2009|06:40pm]

note: the following words are those of a friend, and not my own.
I got arrested with six other Mountain Justice activists for trespassing at a civil disobedience action on Saturday. The max fine for our charge is $100 each, but they put us in jail and set our bond at $2000 each, cash only.

The action was at the Brushy Fork coal sludge dam. The dam holds back 7 billion gallons of toxic coal sludge. Massey Energy wants to mine coal by blasting within 100 feet of the dam. Massey has over 2,000 documented safety violations and coal waste dams operated by Massey and other corporations have failed in the past, but the government has given them permission to blast. According to Massey, if the dam breaks, at least 998 people will die.

Why does the government give a corporation permission to threaten a community with imminent death, but arrests concerned citizens for walking down a road that the government believes belongs to Massey, when in truth the land belongs to you and me and God?

Two other activists were arrested earlier that day for going out on the surface of the toxic coal sludge in boats with a floating banner that said, "NO MORE SLUDGE." They were arrested for trespassing and littering. Why is a banner considered littering, while toxic coal sludge going in to the soil, water and air is allowed by our government?

Massey wants to blow up Coal River Mountain for the coal, the last mountain left in the Coal River Valley. A community group has been trying to get permission to put a wind farm on the mountain, which would provide some long-term jobs, but the government has given Massey permission to destroy the mountain, which would destroy the wind potential and threaten communities throughout the valley with destructive flooding like that seen in six West Virginia counties earlier this month.

For stories, photos and videos on these actions, or to donate to the legal fund, please visit:
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cross posted from greenanarchy [25 May 2009|11:40am]


MAY 24, 2009
CONTACT: Sludge Watch Collective 304-854-7372

Rep. Hechler: Keep Hellraising!

Seventeen Arrested Saturday; Six Remain in Jail for Opposition to Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining and Coal Sludge Impoundments; $2000 Cash Bail ‘Unprecedented”

COAL RIVER VALLEY, W.Va.— Seventeen volunteers were arrested Saturday in a three-part civil disobedience action in the continuing movement to end mountaintop removal. Six are still in the Southern Regional Jail as their supporters try to raise the $2,000 cash-only bail a Raleigh County magistrate says is needed for their release.

“This is an unprecedented and extremely punitive bail situation,” Mountain Justice volunteer Ivan Stiefel said. “We can’t even use a bondsman. We need $18,000 cash, on a holiday weekend, to get everyone out of jail. We are asking everyone to go to mountainjustice.org and respond to this outrage by donating to our legal fund.”

Allies of those arrested plan to hold vigils outside the magistrate’s office until they are all released.

The civil disobedience actions were carried out by community members, Mountain Justice and Climate Ground Zero volunteers, and others. Former Congressman Ken Hechler, 94, was among those protesting at noon yesterday at the gate to the Massey Energy’s Marfork Coal facility, where the massive Brushy Fork coal sludge dam is built. He tried to cross onto Massey Energy property in solidarity, but the West Virginia State Police refused to arrest him. They did, however, arrest seven others who crossed onto Massey property. Four remain in the Southern Regional Jail.

In the week leading up to these actions, many of the same volunteers helped people in Mingo County clear their homes of debris from the recent floods. In one of the first actions Saturday, before dawn, eight people walked onto the Patriot Coal-owned section of the 12,000-acre-plus Kayford Mountain mountaintop removal site. After hanging a banner reading “Never Again!” on the grill of a giant dump truck, they locked themselves to guardrails and the driveshaft of the truck. State Police took the eight to the Madison County Courthouse, where they were charged with trespass and conspiracy and released for future court appearances.

“We locked down at the Kayford mountaintop removal site with mud from the Mingo County floods on our boots, and now, with the dusty remains of Kayford Mountain on our boots, we stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers still jailed for their actions to oppose mountaintop removal” the Kayford Eight Mountain Justice volunteers said.

Also before dawn Saturday, two women donned hazmat suits and respirators and boated onto the 8-billion-gallon Brushy Fork toxic coal slurry lake to unfurl a 60-foot floating banner reading, “No more toxic sludge!” They were charged with trespass and littering, and both remain in the Southern Regional Jail, with $2000 cash needed for their release.

“This is absurd. How can you litter on a giant toxic waste dump?” asked volunteer Cente Rosa. “Massey Energy has a permit to blast within 100 feet of this impoundment, which sits atop a honeycomb of abandoned deep mines. That’s the criminal activity!”

For more information, photos, or to find out how you can help, please visit the following sites:



Please forward this information widely if you care about these issues.
List serves, mspace, facebook, LJ, and twitter, oh my... :D
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[08 May 2009|08:47am]

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Is Kate really a bitch?

Did Jon really cheat?

Is there any excuse for infidelity in a marriage?

What say you?
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A WIN for the seals [07 May 2009|12:45pm]

As I'm sure many of you have heard from there own letters, humane society had a huge victory May 5th. Here is the letter:

Today is a day to celebrate. The European Union has slammed shut the door on trade in the products of the commercial seal slaughter.

The Canadian government used every trick in the book to try to derail the ban: massive lobbying, misinformation, and even threats of trade reprisals. But the EU stood its ground and honored its citizens’ opposition to this trade in cruelty. By doing so, the EU has saved millions of seals from a horrible fate.

Every year, the ProtectSeals team has endured hazardous conditions to document the seal hunt. We are committed to showing the world that the Canadian government is lying when it claims that the hunt is humane.

On our trips to the ice, the ProtectSeals team has brought key opinion shapers such as Paul McCartney and Swedish Member of the European Parliament Carl Schlyter. After their trips, neither has wavered in speaking out against the hunt. Shortly after his trip to the ice, Schlyter drafted the first version of today’s EU ban. Our hunt footage was directly responsible for convincing the rest of the EU to agree to the ban. It gives me enormous satisfaction to know that we haven’t just documented the hunt, we have made history.

What Does It Mean?

This is the beginning of the end for the Canadian seal hunt. The Canadian government estimates that losing this primary market will cost Canada’s sealing industry $6.6 million (CAD) each year. The hunt brought in less than $7 million last year. It's not hard to do the math.

Just the promise of an EU ban was enough to drive the prices for seal fur down to $15 (CAD) per skin -- a decline of 86 percent since 2006. As a result, many sealers stayed home. Out of this year's quota of 280,000 harp seals, fewer than 60,000 have been killed so far.

Now that the EU has banned its trade in seal products, countless more seals will live their lives in peace from this year forward.

What’s Next?

Canadian seal hunt supporters won’t give up just yet. With government subsidies still in hand, the sealing industry will be chasing down new markets. The ProtectSeals campaign is working to convince all targeted nations to follow the EU’s example.

We’re keeping the pressure on the Canadian fishing industry and government with the global boycott of Canadian seafood products. Since the boycott began, the Canadian fishing industry has suffered a $750 million (CAD) drop in the value of snow crab exports alone to the United States.

Canadian Senator Mac Harb has introduced his nation’s first bill to end the hunt. The ProtectSeals campaign is striving to convince other members of Canada's Parliament to support the bill.

Yes, there is still much to do -- and if you'd like to help, please visit humanesociety.org/protectseals to learn how. But for the moment, please join me in celebrating this historic victory. Thank you for fighting alongside me to make this day possible. The seals could not ask for stronger allies.
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The Feminist Song [07 May 2009|02:07pm]

Daniele Sepe - Radisol (italian feminist-song)

music_action  - Music for Social and Civil Action, Freedom, Peace, Environment and Human Rights

Music for feminist movement:Read more...Collapse )
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Avaaz.org CLIMATE ACTION FACTORIES [07 May 2009|04:33am]

*****************Please Forward Widely***************

Summer 2009� �Europe and Washington DC

Be a climate action fellow this summer!� You will live and work with 20+ other fellows, do creative actions every week, learn about international climate policy, and learn new activist skills�..

This December, nations around the world will come together in Copenhagen to try to agree on another international climate treaty (this is the next one after Kyoto). Not surprisingly, the negotiations are moving too slowly and with too little ambition to prevent climate catastrophe or get a fair and just deal for all peoples and nations. Meanwhile the US is debating or own climate bill, and it is not nearly strong enough! However dozens of young people are looking for support to channel their time and ideas over the coming months into effective advocacy for the climate. This summer is the perfect time for an emergency infusion of on the ground daily action to raise visibility and speak directly to decision makers.

Avaaz will create action factories in strategic locations � in Europe (Bonn, then either Berlin or Strasbourg - not yet confirmed) and in the United States (Washington DC) � to gather and deploy youth climate activists. Each location will house ~20 'Youth Climate Fellows' working as a team. �They will be supported with food, lodging, and (subject to budget approval) modest monthly stipends, as well as resources for climate activism. In exchange, they will commit to devoting their summer months to mobilizing stunts, media events, lobbying campaigns, and other actions. The work of these activists will maximize the possibility of achieving a strong and just global climate treaty at Copenhagen, and will raise the expectations and demands of the global public that governments must achieve such a treaty.

To be part of this project, fill out the application/registration form and return to climate@avaaz.org ASAP.� Fellows will be accepted on a rolling basis so apply now.� European Action Factory will begin June 18th.� Washington DC Action Factory will begin at the end of May or first week of June.� Please also read over the Fellowship agreement .

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions... climate@avaaz.org

Read on for more details!
Read more...Collapse )
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Van Jones appointed as new mew white house "green jobs" advisor! [11 Mar 2009|08:31am]

[ mood | THRILLED! ]

March 10, 2009
Author-activist tapped as White House 'green' jobs adviser

Author and activist Van Jones will serve as a special White House adviser for "green" jobs, enterprise and innovation.

Jones, 40, will work within the Council on Environmental Quality, which coordinates President Obama's climate, energy and other environmental policy initiatives with federal agencies.

"Van Jones has been a strong voice for green jobs, and we look forward to having him work with departments and agencies to advance the president's agenda of creating 21st century jobs that improve energy efficiency and utilize renewable resources," CEQ Chairwoman Nancy Sutley said in a written statement last night.

Jones, a Yale Law School graduate and veteran human rights and environmental activist, participated last month in the first meeting of the White House Task Force on Middle-Class Working Families. The panel, convened by Vice President Joe Biden, focused on how the public sector can create "green-collar" jobs such as installing solar panels and retrofitting inefficient buildings (E&ENews PM, Feb. 27).

Jones urged Biden and other administration officials who participated in the Philadelphia panel to use the $787 billion economic stimulus to provide training for such jobs, which cannot be outsourced. Economically depressed areas should be a priority, he underscored.

"Let's green the ghetto first," Jones said to applause.

Jones will now help shape the administration's energy and climate initiatives, with special emphasis on improvements and economic opportunities in vulnerable communities, CEQ officials said.

Jones, who could not be reached for comment, is the author of the 2008 book "The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems" and the co-founder of the Oakland, Calif.-based Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. Most recently, he served as a senior fellow with the Center for American Progress, an influential think tank in Washington, D.C.

Joe Romm, a current Center for American Progress senior fellow and former assistant energy secretary during the Clinton administration, called Jones a "tireless" advocate for green-collar jobs in inner cities.

"He pushed this issue when no one was interested in it," Romm added.

Jones' candor and talent for firing up audiences will help in his new job, Romm posited.

"A big part of these bully pulpit jobs is selling ideas inside and outside of the administration," he said. "Selling is one of his strong suits."

Jones, who does not need Senate confirmation, will start his new job March 16, a CEQ spokeswoman said.

Copyright 2009 E&E Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

For more news on energy and the environment, visit www.greenwire.com.


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hello [09 Mar 2009|05:19pm]

I am a college student who is studying Gender Woman's studies.
I have come to find myself being proud to be a feminist!
I joined to meet other women.
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the leveling of appalachia [18 Feb 2009|07:29am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

The Appalachian mountains are the oldest mountain range in the world [which is why they're not as outwardly impressive as younger, taller mountains] and as a result, they are also home to some of the most richly biodiverse ecosystems in the world.

Mountaintop removal mining first started during the mid nineties as a way to technically comply with the Clean Air Act, in which regulations on sulfur emissions drove coal companies to look for ever more efficient means to extract the deepest pockets of low sulphur [bituminous] coal which would comply with the regulations. Ironically, it's a perfect example of that old cliche "cutting off one's nose to save one's face" - or rather, destroying the land, water, culture, AND air.. to reduce one single carcinogen [out of hundreds!]

The results are nothing less than disastrous, from cradle to grave:

Please feel free to copy and paste this post, and don't forget to check out the following websites for groups which organize around the resistance to the leveling of Appalachia.






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press release: US centric. FORWARD WIDELY <3 [04 Feb 2009|03:25am]

Opponents of Florida Power and Light- GO TO JAIL!
South Florida environmentalist sentenced to 60 days and 30 days in the
Palm Beach County Jail for protesting FPL

Who: Opponents of Florida Power and Light’s West County Energy Center
What: Discuss the excessive sentencing of Lynne Purvis and Panagioti Tsolkas
Where: At the Main Entrance to the Palm Beach County Jail on Gun Club Road
When: 8:30 AM

Palm Beach County, FL- After being found guilty of misdemeanor trespassing, blocking traffic in an act of civil disobedience during the February 2008 protest against Florida Power Light’s West County Energy Center, Lynne Purvis and Panagioti Tsolkas are sentenced to 30 and 60 days in jail.

During their court case, Purvis and Tsolkas argued that the environmental damages caused by FPL’s power plant necessitated non- violent civil disobedience. Scientist

Dr. John van Leer and Dr. Sydney Bachus testified in defense of Purvis and Tsolkas, arguing that the completion of the FPL West County Energy Center could lead to higher levels of Mercury in the Loxahatchee Preserve area and aquifer contamination; in addition to the acceleration of global warming. The State Attorney’s Office contested the environmentalists’ claims, arguing that proposed power plant impact on global warming was not an imminent threat.

Once open, the Florida Power and Light West County Energy Center will be the largest fossil fuel burning power plan in the United States, emitting twelve million tons of potentially toxic carbon emissions and dispensing 13.5 million gallons of contaminated water into Florida’s aquifer every year.

In addition to jail, Judge Johnson sentence restrains Purvis and Tsolkas from coming within 500 feet of FPL property. Both remain committed to protecting Palm Beach County’s natural resources.

Co-defendant Russell McSpadden responded to the Judge’s sentence stating, “The FPL West County Energy Center poses an imminent and severe threat to our quality of life in Palm Beach County. We are dissapointed with the Judge’s decision to jail environmental activists who took action to stop FPL from contaminating the air and water of Palm Beach County. We believe during this time of global climate change that average citizens must step up and take action to address the impacts large corporations are having on our environment. ”

For More Information:

Russell McSpadden

Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition

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Cloth Pad Giveaway!!! [31 Jan 2009|09:49am]

 I just posted a new blog giveaway, come check it out and enter to win this paper doll pad!

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TVA Coal Ash Spill .. on the ground updates. [01 Jan 2009|05:33am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Everyone was told to boil their water (as if this was merely a sewer line break) but boiling the water destroys the pots and they can’t be used anymore. The residents and the cats and dogs are throwing up because of the water. People are getting burned just by taking a shower. TVA publicly states they’re delivering water but the residents aren’t receiving any bottled water. UMD volunteers delivering hundreds of gallons of bottled water were getting arrested and told that we’re not allowed to pass out free water to the public.

There is no phone service in the worst areas and UMD volunteers are the only way of communicating with the outside for some of them. The ash is in the air and looks like it’s snowing. TVA is turning the Emory River into a new coal slurry impoundment by creating two new earthen dams on it. TVA is building new pond slurry impoundment and is spraying asbestos into this new pond which is illegal. While the land, wildlife and people are being destroyed, TVA is rebuilding the railway ASAP so they can bring in more coal to burn at the Kingston Coal Plant. They don’t care and they can’t stop.

UMD has been at the coal ash disaster site since the beginning. We need money and we need volunteers. We have a temporary donated condo in Kingston and are looking for a more permanent office in Harriman closer to the site. We’re doing water & soil testing, going door to door listening to the locals’ problems & needs, passing out bottled water, arranging flyovers for politicians reporters and locals and to get fresh video & pics cause the stuff keeps moving, nonstop media relations, connecting with local organizations, bringing in people from PA who’ve been through this before, organizing a locals-only community meeting so people can speak openly, and soon legal work will need to start.

- United Mountain Defense

Footage from an attempt to canoe down the Emory River in order to collect samples of soil and water.

Interview with a local resident who describes the before / after of his back yard, which is now a sludge filled mess.

For more photos, footage, and links, visit the following websites:





The last link is an ongoing compilation of all relevant news articles.

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There is no such thing as clean coal. [26 Dec 2008|05:15pm]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

TVA triples spill estimate - 5.4M cubic yards of coal ash flowed into neighborhood
By Anne Paine

The masses of coal ash sludge that flowed out of a 40-acre TVA waste pond beside the Kingston Fossil Plant this week is triple what officials estimated, a TVA document shows.

The powerful ash slide that knocked down trees and utility poles in Harriman, Tenn., pushed one home off its foundation and ran into the Emory River has now been calculated at 5.4 million cubic yards, according to information the Tennessee Valley Authority provided Thursday.

That compares to the 1.8 million cubic yards estimated Wednesday, when TVA President and CEO Tom Kilgore told reporters the pond held 2.6 million cubic yards, and 70 percent of that had escaped.

TVA's figures on the amount of sludge have shifted three times in the early stages of a disaster that has put a spotlight on TVA and how coal-burning power plants handle ash.

"The first was an estimate," TVA spokesman John Moulton said. The agency then did a precision look with radar, he said.

When asked why TVA didn't know better how much was in the pond, Moulton said: "That was the number we had at the time."

Mercury, lead and arsenic that are generally found in coal are among the potentially toxic substances that can concentrate in the ash. Environmental activists have pushed for years for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to label it as a hazardous waste requiring close regulation.
read more of the latest Tennesean article.. here!Collapse )

Video image from some mountain justice folks... it's really quite heartbreaking.

December 25, 2008
Coal Ash Spill Revives Issue of Its Hazards

KINGSTON, Tenn. — What may be the nation’s largest spill of coal ash lay thick and largely untouched over hundreds of acres of land and waterways Wednesday after a dam broke this week, as officials and environmentalists argued over its potential toxicity.

Federal studies have long shown coal ash to contain significant quantities of heavy metals like arsenic, lead and selenium, which can cause cancer and neurological problems. But with no official word on the dangers of the sludge in Tennessee, displaced residents spent Christmas Eve worried about their health and their property, and wondering what to do.

The spill took place at the Kingston Fossil Plant, a Tennessee Valley Authority generating plant about 40 miles west of Knoxville on the banks of the Emory River, which feeds into the Clinch River, and then the Tennessee River just downstream.

Holly Schean, a waitress whose home, which she shared with her parents, was swept off its foundation when millions of cubic yards of ash breached a retaining wall early Monday morning, said, “They’re giving their apologies, which don’t mean very much.”

The T.V.A., Ms. Schean said, has not yet declared the house uninhabitable. But, she said: “I don’t need your apologies. I need information.”
click to read more of the NYT article.Collapse )


Follow the previous link for an ongoing link roundup of all of the relevant news coverage.
Please pass this information along to any and all interested (and not yet interested) groups.. the media coverage is still not nearly enough considering the scope and scale of the ecological devastation...

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[25 Nov 2008|11:10pm]

hello, could you please help me to find the movie "Ecofeminism Now!" by Greta Gaard, where can i download it?
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this video will rock your worldview [17 Nov 2008|10:39pm]


Six ways that fungus may change the world for the better.

This video was accessible and amazing.

Addresses and offers alternatives or possible solutions for current issues such as: global warming / biofuels, deforestation, pesticides, species loss, soil erosion and depletion / replenishment, world hunger, etc.

Fantastic. Please watch it.

All hail the mycellular matrix!
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vulva! [12 Nov 2008|02:27pm]


Great stocking stuffers and party favors hahah
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U.S-centric - Call in day TODAY, 9/17/2008 [17 Sep 2008|12:32pm]

Hey everyone - I am just passing this message along for some friends.  If even 1/3 of the members of this group convinced 2 other people to call in, that would be a significant enough number of phone calls to stall this horrible bill in its tracks.  Please please please pass it on - post it in your journal, other communities, and email it to all of your list serves.

The nuclear industry in the U.S is proposing more than 30 new reactors - with an estimated cost of 6.2-12 BILLION USD per reactor. (SOURCE: nirs.org/neconomics/nuclearsubsidies2008.pdf )
Not only is Nuclear power is a FALSE solution to the issue of global climate change, but it's intrinsically tied to the nuclear arms industry. 
For inspiration on viable solutions, check out www.kilowattours.org/

As a resident of a gulf state, I also hope that folks will oppose off-shore drilling.  BUT... the mainstream media is devoting NO attention to the nuclear aspect of this bill, which is quite frankly frightening.  Not too much of a surprise, though - considering that many of the more common outlets are owned by General Electric, which is the most profitable nuclear arms manufacturer in the world. 
(SOURCES: www.commondreams.org/views05/0403-25.htm , www.corpwatch.org/article.php , and www.freepress.net/ownership/chart/main )

Thanks! <3

** From the Nuclear Information and Resource Service... **


This is it. In the mainstream media, the Gang of 10 (actually, now it's the Gang of 20) energy bill is all about offshore oil drilling. And, to be sure, there's lots of that in the bill, which is expected to come up in the Senate late next week. But the bill would also be the biggest giveaway to the nuclear power industry ever.

Unlimited loan guarantees for construction of new atomic reactors. That's right, unlimited. As much money—hundreds of billions of dollars--as everyone in the nuclear industry wants, when it wants, for as long as it wants.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you how that would absolutely destroy our ability to effectively address the climate crisis and what a disaster that would be for our economy, for our nation, for our planet.

How do these Senators think they can get away with this? Because they're not hearing from enough of us, often enough. They think this is a popular stand. We all need to stand up now and be counted.

That's why NIRS, Physicians for Social Responsibility and other national groups are putting out the word for a National Call-In Day to the Senate on Wednesday, September 17. We need at least 10,000 phone calls to the Senate on Wednesday. We need the phones there to be ringing non-stop from dawn to dusk. Will you help?

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

*Please call both of your Senators that day with a very simple message: Take taxpayer loan guarantees for nuclear power out of the Gang of 20 energy bill. (note: the bill does not yet have a number. It's called the New Energy Reform Act of 2008, but everyone will know what you are talking about if you just say 'Gang of 20 energy bill.')

*Please forward this Alert to any and all of your mailing lists.

*Please print this Alert and take it to any public meetings and gather places you go to between now and Wednesday. Post it at food co-ops and other central locations.

*Please talk to your friends and colleagues, congregations this Sunday, PTAs next week. Spread the word.

*If you want to e-mail your Senators, please do (you can do so from this link; NIRS' new e-mail-from- our-Alerts set-up still has some bugs,so we can't quite offer that yet). But also call! It is important to keep those phones ringing all day long!

*Call even if you think your Senator(s) are hopeless. Everyone walking in the halls of the Senate should hear phones ringing everywhere,all day long.

We can't let the nuclear industry get away with this. All that can stop it now are your actions. If we all just sit back and wait for someone else to take action, we will lose. If we all make those two calls—one to each Senator, and ask each of our friends and colleagues to make those two calls, we can show the Senate what the American people really think. And we can win.

It is up to each of us. It's that simple, and that stark.

Please take five minutes to make two phone calls Wednesday. And please drop us an e-mail and let us know you called (we'll be looking for 10,000e-mails in our inbox by Thursday morning!).

Thank you for all that you do.

Michael Mariotte
Executive Director
Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS)

September 12, 2008

P.S. For those who want more information:

You can read a Physicians for Social Responsibility analysis of the nuclear provisions in the Gang of 20 energy bill here. The bill includes not just loan guarantees, but also more 'risk insurance' for new nukes, construction of a reprocessing plant, and much more.

You can read a longer article on the issue I wrote for DailyKos here.
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